A MetadataHub is a platform that has the objective of gathering and storing metadata from various sources in order to centralize and facilitate its management.

Information and data pipelines allocated in IT Systems generate large amounts of metadata which can be differentiated into:

  • Functional metadata (Taxonomies, ontologies, terms, business rules…) are an abstraction of business entities and processes.
  • Technical metadata represents information solutions (files, tables, transformations, data pipelines, etc) used by IT systems to model the business reality.
  • Operational metadata is composed by operations information which includes processes scheduler and executions, security grants, acces audit, etc.

Although there are market corporate solutions with the ability to combine functional and technical metadata, our vision includes also discovery engines that help speed up metadata retrieval from IT Systems and also to include operational metadata wich is not supported by Metadata Management tools, therefore, enabling joint analysis of all three kinds of metadata.

Moreover, our Metadata Analytic Hub provides strategic vision through dynamic dashboards with aggregated KPIs and advanced analytical and visualization capabilities leveraged by graph technologies...

It is a simple, efficient and elastic Data Dlatform that allows easy and Company-wide access to trustworthy Data, Analytics and Insights.