Flash is an everis' framework to high-perform end-to-end real-time analytic solutions, from ideation to monetization, throughout robust industrialization.

Flash provides analytic as-a-service solutions throughout ultra-fast architectures and micro-services, embedding data-driven insights within operational business processes. Its scope includes: solution implementation end-to-end methodology, functional architecture, technical architecture, accelerators & best practices, use-cases benchmark by sector, highly qualified experts and real success experiences.

Flash is an end-to-end framework that allows organizations to:

  • Optimize data driven business processes & customer experience
  • real-time analytics in operational processes and systems
  • Implement a best in class technology stack that can be integrated easily with the existing IT application and infrastructural landscape due to modular & service oriented architecture


  • Sentimental Analysis

    The Sentimental Analysis model aims to extract sentiments and feeling from a text by applying a Deep Learning model on user's feedbacks. It allows to determine the polarity of the statements.

  • Loans Prediction

  • This use case consists on the application of an analytical model to evaluate credit risk of requested loans to predict in real time if the loan requests should be accepted or rejected and the probabilities of each request to be paid in full or to be charged off.

  • Route Tracker

  • This use case consists provides information about user's movements. It is based on geo location data coming from an SDK in real time. It is possible to keep track on users movement and determine the beginning and end of the route, the intermediate points and the total distance. It is possible to detremine which transport mode was used: car, plane or walking.