eAGLE (everis Audit Governance Linage Engine)

eAGLE framework offers a solution for automatic ETL source code audit in order to provide a processes comprehensive knowledge to analyze, define and implement reengineering processes or code improvements.

eAGLE is a fundamental key for the extraction of technical metadata from source code and operational metadata not encrypted for its later exploitation.It is a tool designed to analyze, audit, extract and exploit metadata from different kind of sources. Currently supports PL/SQL and SAS languages, but the tool is designed to offer the possibility to add more languages.

The analysis of the data is performed based on two main processes, Audit and Lineage.

eAGLE has several main features:

  • Measurement: measure your code in terms of KPIs (Interactive dashboard)
  • Visualization: visualize your processes as never been before using graph navigations tools
  • Discovery: discover hide relationships, obsolete objects.
  • Lineage: understand complexity and dependencies in seconds.
  • Exploration: explore your code to analyze impact between objects​
  • Classification: classify your code to simplify maintenance and migration tasks
  • Translation: translate your code and accelerate migrations