Pricing Analysis

Different airlines operate the same routes and the best price to offer is an important factor for customers when buying a ticket, so being able to adjust the price as fast and accurate as possible taking into account the competition, becomes an important advantage.


From collected pricing information from ATPCO files we process information and apply rules to support analist decission about pricing strategies. We used Cloudera suite to build this advanced solution.


Accurate information about competition price in 15 minutes for all routes in the world. Prior to this Big Data solution, different approaches were used with different deficiencies (accuracy, latency, high cost) and took not less than 7h processing.

Presents information in a confortable self service tool for analysts for routes and prices. Thanks to this information, the company detects competition movements and can react manually in less than an hour.

In the future, new analytic models to predict and actuate automatically will be delivered.