everis at Strata Data Conference 2018

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14 December, 2017
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everis at Strata Data Conference 2018

everis was present at this year’s Strata Data Conference which took place in London between May 22 and 24. Enric Biosca, Data and Analytics Manager at everis, and Ángel Valencia, UK Head of Technology Practice at everis UK, were responsible for offering an overview of eAGLE, an accelerator developed by everis Data Innovation Center.

The presentation, aimed at a business intelligence-savvy audience, gave key insights into overcoming the challenges of migrating from a traditional legacy BI system and explained how eAGLE, which enables auditing, lineage and translation of legacy code for big data, helps companies reduce companies’ migration times by 30%.

The eAGLE methodology is based on four pillars:

• Parsing the code through open grammars based on ANTLR
• Modeling processes and objects using graph technology
• Creating a metadata model that allows quantifying and qualifying of the code
• Accelerating translation through an abstract model and a framework

Video: eAGLE accelerator – how to speed up a 30% migrations from legacy ETLs to Big Data by Enric Biosca