Are you aware of the challenges in adopting new Big Data technologies?

Do you want to join the elite of Big Data?
2 October, 2017
everis at Strata Data Conference 2018
30 May, 2018

Are you aware of the challenges in adopting new Big Data technologies?

Currently, the most common approach to Big Data is to create new processes from scratch, but what happens when we are faced with offloading of existing processes with legacy technologies?

Are organizations aware of their current data processes?

Do they have management and support tools for new data paradigms?

Do they have a well-defined strategy to move their processes to Big Data architectures?

In everis we help these companies adopt new Big Data technologies, advising them about the impact of these new solutions over their current information systems and, more importantly, being their partner during the adoption of these technologies and the offloading data and processes from their legacy systems.

In order to do that, at our everis Data Innovation Center we have developed some assets to accelerate the adoption and offloading process. The main one, call eAGLE is a migration graph engine and it allows you to define a clear migration strategy thanks to  the complete ETL code audit it offers.

The solution provides an easy way to determine  the complexity of the code , itsrelationships and dependence between the different procedures and their statements and the lineage of the DWH Data. Its translation engine provides a solution to accelerate the migration from legacy systems to Big Data enviroments, and helps developers translate the commodity parts of the code automatically.

Nowadays, the majority of core business informational systems are covered with legacy technologies due to the maturity of these technologies but, right now, some of these corporate Bussines Inteligence solutions are no longer perceived positively because their deployment and maintenance costs are very high compared with the benefits they provide.

In fact, the scene is changing rapidly: data is growing more and more, the number of sources is increasing, they are not limited to corporate systems and their nature changes constantly. In this context, companies are wondering whether their current data warehousing solutions are enough to cover their current necessities and, more importantly, if they should change their strategy for success by making their investment more profitable.

At everis Data Innovation Center, we are delivering data valuation projects in order to change the world. If you want to be part of this data elite, you are just one click away from having the chance to transform your future.

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Marc Sanguesa Big Data Project Manager everis