everis Data Innovation Center

Our mission is to identify new technologies to sustain the Data Life-cycle, build assets and services to empower Data Management in order to promote and share that knowledge in our customers.

We are Technology people who aim to provide our customers with innovative Big Data solutions based in Data Governance, Data Capture/Processing/Storage/Visualization and Data Infrastructure services. Through our experience, methodologies, assets and services, we increase the productivity our customers projects, based upon OpenSource and/or large market vendors architectures, appyling analytics/algorithms to any step of the Data Life-cycle.

To do that, we have strong alliances with the most relevant players in the market (Cloudera, Hortonworks, Oracle, IBM, MarkLogic, Collibra …) and we work in a collaborative model, adding specific and deep knowledge in collaboration with Universities, Investigation Centers and Startups.

Our Big Data Lab let us to evaluate and test new technologies which can be relevant for our customers and to be considered inside our Big Data reference architecture. In this sense, this architecture allow us to provide innovative services like DWH Decomissioning/Migration, Information Management, Application Downsizing, Big Contents, Real-time tailor offering…

Our certified consultants are currently working in projects in UK, Spain, Italy, Chile, Japan, USA, Belgium, Portugal,…


Data & Information Management

Big Data Information Governance is a must in any organization to allow a complete e2e data management, avoiding bad decision making, the cost of low data efficiency and inconsistent regulation reporting.

Legacy Data Repositories Decommissioning & Migration

Our Target Architecture for Legacy Data Repositories Decommissioning & Migration is based on a modular structure with well-defined and uncoupled components, to provide the technical capabilities to build, later on, any functional use case.


Flash is an everis' framework to high-perform end-to-end real-time analytic solutions, from ideation to monetization, throughout robust industrialization.


eBDA is a data reference architecture based on functional building blocks to cover any possible data use cases.


eAGLE framework offers a solution for automatic ETL source code audit in order to provide a processes comprehensive knowledge to analyze, define and implement reengineering processes or code improvements.

MetaData Hub

A MetadataHub is a platform that has the objective of gathering and storing metadata from various sources in order to centralize and facilitate its management.


Hayai is an everis’ Fast Data Access Framewok based on reusable components in order to build a real time access to complex strategy data for business value areas.



    Different airlines operate the same routes and the best price to offer is an important factor for customers when buying a ticket, so being able to adjust the price as fast and accurate as possible taking into account the competition, becomes an important advantage.

  • OIL COMPANY Analyzing ticket information

    Petrol stations and convenience store ticket information analysis to get a 360-degree customer view to enable personalized online marketing.


    Implementation of fraud detection algorithms using Big Data technology and graph database to increase the effectiveness of fraud indicators.


    Big Data solution to capture real-time car sensor system information from customers, to analyze driving patterns and get customer behavior insights.

  • UK BANK Implementation of regulatory information solution for the FSCS

    The Financial Services Compensation Scheme makes mandatory for any banking license to inform Bank of England of client's position to thereafter guarantee a percentage of the customer's funds.



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